Man Charged After Disturbing Facebook Post on School Shooting

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MEDINA, Ohio – A 20-year-old man from Columbia Station has been arrested and charged with inducing panic, following a post on Facebook.

According to police, Joseph Resovsky made the following update on the day of the Connecticut school shooting that took 26 lives: “This dude is my idle [sic] im [sic] so happy some one [sic] shot up all those little [expletive deleted].”  The post continued, “VIVA LA SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!!!!”

“I mean, I don't feel that way at all,” said Resovsky, during a phone interview with FOX 8 News on Wednesday.  He didn’t deny making the post and said police overreacted by charging him with a crime.

“They're saying that I made people feel like I was gonna go out and do the same thing. I never even remotely said anything close to - that I was going to go out and do anything remotely close to that,” said Resovsky.

Police said he was arrested after they received several calls from people in the community who thought it was threatening.  Lt. Dave Birckbichler has four children and said there’s nothing funny about the post or what happened in Newtown.  “There is evil in this world, that's the only way that you can explain it to a child of that age,” said Lt. Birckbichler.  “There is evil.”

“It's more than just his statement,” said Lt. Birckbichler, “It's the sense of panic that he created in the community by posting that. Then, all the people that responded and consequently called the police department.”

“I thought it was horrible,” said a Medina resident, who thought Resovsky’s arrest was warranted.  But another resident disagreed, “I don't like it, but I don't think he should be arrested for it.”

Resovsky said it was simply a post that he’s now paying for, but he won’t apologize.  “Everybody already has this opinion in their head about me,” said Resovsky.  “Even if I apologize, they're still gonna think I'm a horrible person.  So, why waste my breath?”

Resovsky will be arraigned on December 26 and he’s facing a one-thousand dollar fine and up to six-months in jail.