Local Radio Host Bids Temporary Farewell

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by Roc Woodrum, Fox 8 Photojournalist

CLEVELAND -- After 17 years on WDOK, the Cleveland Radio DJ known as "Trapper Jack" hosted his last radio show Wednesday morning.

Listeners heard this message from Trapper himself, that this was his last show.

"I am leaving WDOK. After 17 years. I am saying goodbye as of now, and it's been amazing,” said Trapper Jack.

"This was the last day. My contract was not renewed for the upcoming year. So, despite the fact the ratings say we're on top, and they say it's not a money issue and I play well with others, for whatever other reason there is, they've decided to go elsewhere,” added Trapper.

Trapper’s co-host Jen Toohey is sad about his leaving, but says the experience and time spent with him has been priceless.

"I've learned a ton from him. He's Trapper Jack. He's a legend in this market, and like I said to him on the radio today, what a privilege it's been to put my name next to his, and to be able to say we've worked together,” said Toohey.

"He was a great DJ. He made great comments, and a lot of things he had to say were positive,” said one listener.

"It's a shame that in this day and age you get to where you’re going, and then they give you the boot,”added another listener.

When asked about his plans for the future, Trapper responded.

"Right now I feel like a blank canvas. This could go in a lot of directions. You can do radio from Cleveland to other cities now. I have to sit on a non-compete for a little bit, so I could still be in Cleveland radio in the future. I think it could go in a lot of directions, and I'm open to wherever it happens to take me, but I guarantee I'm not retiring."