Crocker Park Prepares for Nordstrom Rack Debut

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WESTLAKE, Ohio -- Attention shoppers!  Are you looking for brand name clothes at a discount price? 

You're in luck, we're closing in on a popular retail store opening its doors on the west side of Cleveland at Crocker Park and you can't help but notice all of the signs indicating what is yet to come.  We're now just months away from a big retail store opening up its first west side location and it has shoppers ready to shop. 

Nordstrom Racks is nowhere to be found on the store directories around Crocker Park, but that will change in the coming months.

"Fall 2013 they are going to be open for business so we are really excited to have them," said Tina Roberts of Crocker Park. 

The popular retail store will be located in the 34,000 square foot building in Crocker Park's promenade where the former Borders Books was located.  "It's the first west side location," Roberts said. 

Nordstrom Rack carries on-trend merchandise from Nordstrom and at 50 to 60 percent off original Nordstrom prices. 

"I know they sell free people," said Tess Traylor of Bay Village.  "I'm excited about picking out some new people clothes and just the prices, you can't beat them, cute clothes for a good price so, I wish it could open tomorrow."

"It's good quality stuff," David Bell of Avon Lake said. "I buy a lot of work clothing there so it's good to have one close by."

Right now, the only Nordstrom Rack in northeast Ohio is in Lyndhurst, so west side residents are excited they don't have to drive around town to get a good bargain.

"I'm excited, I think they should develop a lot more things like that over here.  There is a lot of money that needs to be spent on the west side and people don't really want to drive to the east side to go shopping," Bell said.

Nordstrom Rack is happy to expand in the Cleveland area.  But again, shoppers will have to wait until fall of 2013 before they can get the deals they are looking for.