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College Student Attack Caught On Tape

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CLEVELAND - Cleveland Police have released surveillance video of a college student being attacked and brutally beaten at an east side gas station.

Police hope people will recognize his attackers and call in a tip.

The attack started after the victim, Craig Barnett, 21, entered the gas station. A man comes up from behind the student and breaks a bottle over the back of the victim's head, and then a large bald man jumps in delivering punch after punch and kick after kick.

Two more men jump in, stomping on the Tri-C business student, even after he is unconscious.

"I remember pulling into the gas station and going in and I was about to pay for gas and the guy hit me," Barnett said. But, that is all he remembers of the November 18 attack.

Barnett said he was headed to his mother's house at about 4 a.m. and stopped for gas at a Sunoco gas station on East 116th St. and Union.

"My nose was broken and I have two jaw fractures," Barnett said.

Doctors had to replace his left jawbone, and put plates in his mouth.

Barnett said he does not know his attackers and has no idea why they attacked him. He thinks he was targeted at random.

"I was thinking why would somebody target me?" he said.

Robbery? He's not sure. The men did not take his money, but did steal his cellphone and car keys. However, one of them threw the keys across the street.

Cleveland police said they arrested the man wearing all black, but the three others are on the loose.

They hope someone will recognize them from the surveillance video and call the Fourth District Detective Bureau at 216-623-5418.