December 6, 2012

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We all got our Thursday morning laughs when Comedian, Jake Johannsen, stopped by our studio! He’s one of David Letterman’s favorites and will be at Hilarities tonight through Sunday, December 9th!



Audrey’s Sweet Threads

Not every woman wants a vacuum or a new pot for Christmas! Make your presents unique and personal with a little help from Audrey! Kristi headed to her shop for the 411 on fashionable gifts. Check out our video clip!

Audrey’s Sweet Threads is located in Eton.



Holiday Travel with Kids

If you’ve traveled during the Holidays, you know it’s hectic. Bring along a few kids and it can get crazy! Here with a little advice was Dr. Richard So from The Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. So’s Advice?


  • Get to the airport about 2 hours early- bring food and go-to toys, not new ones


Security Check Point

  • This biggest stress point is not the plane but security
    • Parental communication about packing is essential- where are the liquids
    • Often one parent walks through security and the other is stuck with stroller, electronics, baby food/milk, and quart size bags of liquids
    • Basically, Hand carry is for baby items only.  Pack liquids in outer pocket for easy access.


At the Gate

  • Get a stroller tag
  • Feed the kids- they get nauseous when they are hungry


On the plane

  • For infants, do not feed a crying baby until the plane rises off the ground
  • You want to feed the baby during cabin pressure changes to equalize middle ear pressure to the cabin pressure changes.  The middle space is an air filled space which is susceptible to changes in pressure, which often causes ear discomfort during a flight… for children and adults.  Many adults chew gum for this reason – to equalize middle ear pressure to cabin pressure.
  • Feeding the child during lift off should prevent middle ear pain due to pressure changes during the flight.
  •  Also if you feed your crying baby for comfort on the ground(because everybody is staring at you), your baby might fall asleep during lift off(This is not wanted).  The baby might also be too full to drink during lift off.  Then you will probably have a crying baby with ear discomfort during the flight because he/she was not drinking during cabin pressurization. 
  • Most babies that are fed during the actual lift off of the plane, during cabin pressurization, should not have ear discomfort.  Often, they fall asleep during the entire flight.
  • Don’t change your child’s diaper on the tray or at the seat- use bathroom
    • Bring kitchen size trash bags to carry dirty child through cabin- avoids getting bodily fluids on other’s business clothes


Pier 1 Holiday Entertaining

Who’s throwing a Holiday party this year? Whether you have two people or two dozen people coming over…simple Holiday decorations can make all the difference. David took us to Pier 1 in Legacy Village for some easy how-to. Take a look at our video clip to get inspired!



Canary Travel

Maybe you’d rather be stuffing your clothes into a suitcase and flying out of Northeast Ohio for the Holidays! Angie from Canary Travel was here with the deal of the week!

It’s an Adults only Deal: Gran Bahia Principe Sian Ka`an for 7 nights in January – $1199



First and Main

Looking for a new place to do all your Holiday shopping? Kristi gave us more than one reason to head to Hudson…she explored First and Main! Take a look at our video clip to browse through the stores with her!



Rusty Bucket Cooking

Regional Kitchen Manager of Rusty Bucket, Rick Lindeboom, whipped us up one of his menu favorites, Chicken Pesto Pasta!

Get breakfast with Santa and do good at the same time! Rusty Bucket is hosting a “Breakfast with Santa” on Saturday, December 15, from 9-10:30 am. Tickets are only $5 and include breakfast. Proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Societies.

Check out his recipe here!



Hair Extensions

Want a completely new look for the Holidays but don’t have time to grow out your hair? No problem! We headed to Ichiban Salon and Spa to learn how to add some easy extensions to your hair.

Ichiban Salon and Spa is located on Center Ridge Road in Westlake.