Chardon Shooting Suspect Wore Shocking Shirt

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CHARDON -- Video played at a court hearing on Thursday shows accused Chardon high school shooter T.J. Lane while he was still in handcuffs, wearing a shirt that says "KILLER."

"You OK, T.J.?" asks a law enforcement official.

"Yeah, I guess so," says Lane, his hands behind his back, his gray shirt spelling out the word "KILLER" in capital letters across his chest.

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Earlier, while in the back of a cruiser after his arrest, Lane is asked what happened.

"I shot people," he says.

Lane is accused of killing three fellow students at Chardon High School on Feb. 27.

Prosecutors played small video clips of parts of Lane's interview by authorities shortly after his arrest.

Defense attorneys want Lane's incriminating statements thrown out.

They say he should have been read his rights a second time after the formal questioning began.

An officer is heard reading Lane his rights in the back of the cruiser.

A second officer asks Lane during the formal interview if he understands that he doesn't have to give a written statement or speak to authorities.

"I want to," he says.

In the interview, Lane says he wants to go to college to become a psychologist.

"When I was younger, when I'd be extremely nervous, I used to hear voices," Lane says. 

"It hadn't happened (in) forever," he continues, "and the other day, I was extremely nervous, and it happened."

Lane's trial is set to begin Jan. 14.

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