Breast-Feeding Student Sues College

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EASTLAKE, Ohio -- A breast-feeding Mentor mother is suing Bryant and Stratton College in Eastlake claiming the school would not allow her time to use her breast pump between classes.

"On the very first day, the first thing they said to them, all the students, if you get pregnant you are not going to be able to complete this course," Attorney Brian Spitz said.

Spitz said his client, Erin Corral, was often late for class and the instructor did not mind until Corral revealed she was late because she was using her breast pump between classes to relieve pressure from lactation.

"As soon as they found out she was lactating they shut the doors, they locked it down and blocked her from getting an education," Spitz said.

Spitz claims an instructor would lock Corral out of class, and one time even forced her to watch a movie through the glass in the door.

"She just felt very traumatized by these events," Spitz said.

Ted Hanson, director of the Eastlake campus, declined Fox 8's request for an on-camera interview; however he emailed us the following statement:

“Ms. Corral has been alleging discrimination by Bryant and Stratton College for two years.  Her allegations have been investigated by the Ohio State Board of Nursing and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and both organizations found no wrongdoing by Bryant and Stratton College.  Due to concerns for Ms. Corral’s privacy rights under FERPA and Bryant and Stratton College’s practice of not commenting on ongoing litigation, Bryant and Stratton College cannot offer further comment on this matter.”

Corral no longer attends the college.

Spitz said they are suing for an unspecified amount.