Company Sells iPhone Case You Can Eat

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By Doug Gross, CNN

(CNN) — Yes, critics of the sometimes disposable nature of today’s tech world, it’s come to this. You can now eat your iPhone case.

The price of a crunchy treat that also (theoretically) protects your most precious of mobile gadgets? $81.

Made from brown rice and salt, the Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Case “is literally part food, part phone case … and great in an emergency when you are desperate for a snack.”

Oh, and about that theoretical protection: “Please be aware that due to its delicate nature, this case may become broken in the delivery or dispatch process,” according to Japan Trend Shop, a site selling the case in the U.S.

Which raises the obvious question: Are these people serious? The answer: not really.

The site describes the cover, which is handmade and takes a month to deliver, as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on Japanese obsessions with food and consumer technology.

Its name also plays off of pop culture’s recent fascination with post-apocalyptic tales like “Revolution” and “The Walking Dead.” It may not save you from zombies, but at least you wouldn’t starve while you were hiding from them. (And, yes, the Japanese share that fascination. Three words: zombie-themed restaurant).

So, funny joke … but would anybody actually pay for one?

Apparently so. As of Thursday, the site listed the cases as being sold out.