Alert Neighbor Stands Up to Gunman

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AKRON, Ohio -- From his Wilbeth Road barber shop, Terrence Duncan was looking out his front window on Wednesday afternoon and felt something was wrong.

"I saw a guy walking up and down Wilbeth with a red hoodie and a bandana and he kept glancing over to the building, so you know you are already suspicious over that because it's not been that cold for you to have to cover your face," said Duncan.

He was talking with his grandmother when he noticed the man wasn't there anymore, put his grandmother on hold, grabbed his gun and went to investigate.

Next door it was business as usual at the Park Hill Hair Fashions beauty shop.

"When the guy put his hand on the door knob I thought this isn't good," said 70-year-old Lee Cullison.

By the time she realized they were in trouble, Cullison says it was too late.

"He kind of like had his gun out and he says, 'Give me the money now.'  I just stood and looked at him.  It just shocked me so much, I just had no idea. I just thought how (bold) for somebody to come in at two o'clock in the afternoon," added Cullison.

Peering through their window, Duncan saw the ladies were in trouble and felt he had to help.

"He was in there, you know, covering the ladies and I went in and asked him to leave in not so polite terms," said Duncan.

"He just told him to get out. He said, 'Get out! Go!'  And then he grabbed him and that's when the guy was, to me, he was really afraid," said Cullison.

"He seemed pretty nervous.  He had his pistol in his hand but he shook with his pistol.  It seemed like he just wanted money.  He wasn't there necessarily to hurt somebody, he was there to scare somebody and I guess when a gun is really drawn on you, you know, the fear comes out," said Duncan.

"People aren't working right now.  We are all struggling.  It's Christmas time.  I understand why people may do such a thing but it's still wrong.  You don't steal from people and you definitely don't steal from old people," said Duncan.

The gunman fled the store before police arrived. No shots were fired and no money was taken.

"I said he did more than stop a robbery, he saved my life maybe," said Cullison.

To the ladies at the beauty shop, their neighbor is their hero.

"He looks out for us when he comes in in the morning. He'll knock on the window to let me know he's there and he always just, he told us, 'If you have any problems, come next door.'  We feel safer just knowing he's here," said Bonnie Prophy, who has worked there for over 20 years.

"They are sweet old ladies, always been kind to me, so it was a pleasure," said Duncan.  "Even if I didn't like them, they are my neighbors so I couldn't just let somebody go in there and hold them up.  That's just wrong."