Woman ‘Relieved’ Mother’s Murder Solved

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CUYAHOGA COUNTY-- Two Cleveland-area men have been indicted for two separate cold case murders; one from 2006 and the other from 1989.

"Relieved. It's been six years," Kathy DeJarnette said shortly after learning a man was arrested for her mother’s 2006 murder.

Jerome Wade, 63, was indicted for the 2006 murder of her mother, 68-year-old Mary Hudson of East Cleveland.

DeJarnette thought her mother's murder may never be solved.

"Honestly, I was kind of skeptical about that for quite a while. I would say about a year," DeJarnette said.

Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Rick Bell, who is the director of the Cold Case Unit, said DNA found underneath Hudson's fingernails matched Wade's DNA when it was recently entered into a criminal database.

Bell said Wade strangled Hudson in her apartment and stole her stereo. The two knew each other, Bell said.

"Afterwards, he tied her up with pantyhose and his DNA is on the pantyhose," Bell said.

East Cleveland Police worked with county prosecutors to heat up the 2006 cold case.

"[There is] relief that he will never do it again as far as we're concerned, closure for the family. It's a good feeling overall," Detective Reginald Holcomb of the East Cleveland Police Department said.

"I'm glad that justice is served and I appreciate the East Cleveland police doing what they had to, so in order to make this happen," DeJarnette said.

As for the 1989 case, DNA and a bloody fingerprint led them to identify another suspected killer.

Bell said they believe Eric Register, 49, stabbed 34-year-old Armond Earl of Maple Heights to death in his apartment.

Bell said the two had been friends and were both managers at different fast food restaurants.

DNA that belongs to Register was found on the bathtub drain and a bloody screwdriver, Bell said.

The Maple Heights Police Department saved the bathtub drain in evidence for all these years, Bell said.

"Eric Register also has his bloody fingerprint on a fan at the home. This is the best evidence that a detective or a prosecutor can have," Bell said.

Register is scheduled to be arraigned December 11.

Wade’s arraignment is scheduled for December 7.