Police: ‘Jail Jumping’ Common Mindset

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NORWALK, Ohio -- The Huron County Sheriff is dealing with an unusual situation at the county jail in Norwalk.

"We've had two incidents. The first one was Sunday afternoon. Jamichael Randleman, 21, of New London decided to inflict harm upon himself in an attempt to probably get out of jail," said Lt. Chris Stanfield.

Authorities say Randleman climbed up on a booking bench and jumped off in order to harm himself.

"While in custody at the hospital, he got into an altercation with one of our officers. It's alleged he attempted to grab the firearm," added Lt. Stanfield.

And shockingly enough, that's not the only incident.

Just a day later, the jail had another jumper.

"Monday afternoon, we had Concepcion Hernandez, 23, of Plymouth, who took it upon himself to climb the stairs, climbed to the top of the security fence and jumped to the concrete below," said Lt. Stanfield.

A 20-foot fall.

"It's been a common mindset that if they harm themselves severe enough that they may get released by the court system. That's what they have in their head. But it's a temporary fix, because they will have to come back to jail and the charges don't go away," said Lt. Stanfield.

Randleman is back behind bars, now facing an additional assault charge against an officer.

As for Hernandez, he's recovering from his injuries.