Person Passing Cookies to Students Identified

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AKRON– A man passing cookies through a fence at a school playground was a parent, according to an Akron Schools spokesperson.

The man came to Voris Community Learning Center Wednesday and talked with the principal about the misunderstanding.

Parents of four children at the elementary school got quite a scare after their children accepted cookies from the man.

At the time, school officials and parents questioned what the man’s motivations were.

One parent took her child to an emergency room to make sure he was okay.

The school says the man, who doesn’t speak English very well, was told through a translator about school rules when it comes to passing out treats during school hours.

Acting Principal of Voris Community Learning Center, Maryanna Johnson, sent a letter home with parents that says in part, “The man who handed cookies to a few Voris CLC students through the playground fence during recess Monday has been identified as the parent of a Voris student. The man said he gave his daughter a cookie and then handed out more after students asked for them. He meant no ill-will.”

The letter reminds parents not to provide treats to students on school time without the consent of the school administration.

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