Browns Player Rips Former Teammate Hillis

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CLEVELAND — No love lost between Browns tackle Joe Thomas and former Browns, and current Chiefs back Peyton Hillis.

The battering ram back was a huge success in Cleveland in the 2010 season, but a multitude of issues made for a melodrama with not as much production in 2011.

That meant Hillis was out of here and in Kansas City.

On Wednesday afternoon Thomas spoke out with the media about Hillis, calling him selfish and that his actions contributed to a season that was less than successful.

“There was a few times during the season I think the contract got in the way of him doing the things that he needed to do to help the offense win,” Thomas said.

Head coach Pat Shurmur didn’t want to spend one second talking about the effect Hillis had on the 2011 season.

I’m going to talk about Peyton Hillis the 2012 version,” Shurmur said. “I’d be happy to answer any questions there. No, I won’t put it into words.”

Hillis had a great first season, which was not lost on Thomas. It’s how he changed.

“He was everything people knew about him– hard working, blue collar, tough, would do anything for anybody on the team. All he cared about was winning. And then all of a sudden the next year all he cared about was trying to get his new contract.”

Thomas went on to praise Trent Richardson for his work ethic, and for trying to play through an injury and being a great teammate.  Those traits left Hillis, according to Thomas.

Hillis, quarterback Brady Quinn, and head coach Romeo Crennel and the Chiefs will be here Sunday afternoon.