Personal Body Cameras Looked At After Chase

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By Roc Woodrum

SOLON-- The Solon Police Department has been using cameras mounted on their officers' chests, for over a year now.

Now, after a deadly police chase, Cleveland's police chief has said his department is re-examining the use of cameras.

Lt. Bruce Felton of the Solon Police Department says, "Basically, the body video records what's happening in front of the officer. So, just like with the police car, in recording what happens in front of the police car, now the body camera is going to record what happens in front of the officer."

Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said he has plans to test the cameras out in the near future. "In the next four to five weeks, we will be piloting personal body cameras on the officers, that take you beyond just the dash cameras. It takes you to pursuits, foot pursuits, etc."

In Solon, the body cameras are not mandatory. Lt. Felton says officers can take them out whenever they feel they want to have that little bit of extra protection and extra documentation.

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