Making a Difference, One Can at a Time

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By Tyler Martin, BEAT Reporter

BRUSWICK,Ohio- A local Brunswick student, 8-year-old Joshua Martin, is helping his community in his own special way this holiday season. Joshua decided that this year, he was going to collect aluminum cans and cash them in.

Joshua was not going to spend his money on a new toy or gadget. He decided to put his money towards a good cause and buy toys for less fortunate children who wake up to no presents on Christmas day.

Joshua says, “I think everyone needs to get something special when they wake up on Christmas.”

Joshua asked for many donations of cans, not expecting to receive the amount he would soon receive.

Joshua’s mother got a call on November 29 saying that a local family had two pickup truck loads of cans to donate (in addition to the cans family had already donated).

Joshua was shocked that he got so many cans.

Joshua says, “I was so happy and surprised when I saw how many cans people donated.”

Joshua ended up with 136 lbs. of aluminum cans and got a grand total of $68.00 to spend on his good cause.

Joshua says he hopes to buy for both boys and girls. He would like to buy them things like dolls, and toy cars.

Joshua will be donating all of his toys to a charity that will take good care of them, and send them to little boys and girls who don’t get toys on Christmas.

Joshua has a good heart, and is making a difference in his own special way, one can at a time.

Tyler Martin, a seventh-grader at Willetts Middle School, is one of over thirty “backpack journalists” in the award-winning Brunswick Schools Video Program. The Program is sponsored by RPM, Plum Creek Assisted Living Community, Medina Hospital and Lorain County Community College/University of Akron at Midpoint Campus. Click here to learn more about the Program.

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