Donations Pouring in For Dog Found Barely Alive

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LORAIN, Ohio -- The telephone has been ringing non-stop at the Lorain Animal Clinic where an emaciated dog is being nursed back to health.

"I'm amazed at how many people are actually calling in and asking if there's anything they can do at this point in time for him," said Jennifer Pappas, who has worked at the clinic for several years.

According to Pappas, they've received calls from as far away as Louisiana and California. Also, donors in Northeast Ohio continue to reach out and help cover the costs associated with the dog's care.

"I'm an animal lover," said Boris Lazoff, who stopped at the clinic to make a donation on Tuesday. "I have dogs and cats and my daughter just passed away and I'm taking care of her animals. I think it's just terrible."

The emaciated and injured dog, who they've named Herbie, was found on the front lawn of an abandoned home on Saturday. An unidentified caller notified police after the dog was discovered on West 11th Street. Once on the scene, the animal was transported to Dr. Thomas Wood at the Lorain Animal Clinic for evaluation.

"You can see his ribs, you can see the spine of his scapula, you can see his pelvis bone," said Dr. Wood. "[I've] never seen a fracture located in this area of the dog, where the frontal sinus has been destroyed."

Dr. Wood said the likely pit-bull mix weighs less than half what a dog, approximately 6-years-old, should weigh. The veterinarian said the injuries aren't new and Herbie has obviously been denied food for a long time.

"[He] has an excellent temperament, eats right outta your hand, very loving dog," said Dr. Wood. "[He] just needs a little more time and some care and a long road to recovery, but hopefully we can get him fixed up."

Lorain police are still investigating but no one has been arrested.

"I have animals myself. I have children," said Pappas. "People who do that to animals don't have any place in our society. They really don't, because if they're doing that to animals, what are they doing to other people."

Click here, if you'd like to help Dr. Wood and Lorain Animal Clinic with the costs associated with Herbie's treatment.

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