Female Afghan Rapper Risks Life to Spread Message

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KABUL, Afghanistan — A 23-year-old woman is making history as the first female rapper in Afghanistan, wearing Western clothes and no traditional head wrapping during performances.

“Everyone wants to be unique, to do something no one has done before,” Sosan Firooz told CBS News.

Her newest song isn’t about broken hearts or flashy cars. It’s about her time as a refugee in Iran before she and her family fled in the 1990s. The song has more than 85,000 hits on YouTube.

Singing on stage in Afghanistan isn’t completely safe; female musicians are threatened by Taliban, and Firooz’s mother has been threatened over the phone.

But Firooz has a message to send.

“We want to end cruelty against women and children,” said Firooz, who lives in a mud home. “How long should we keep this silence? There is a need for people to rise up, and people should follow.”

Firooz is currently working on a new song.