Toddler’s Mom Working On a Singing Career

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CLEVELAND-- Camilia Terry, the young mother arrested in connection with the death of her 3-year-old son Emilliano, wanted fame and fortune with a singing career.

The 20-year-old mother of three was an aspiring singer and songwriter with a Facebook fan page.

"That I know of she was just trying to make it in to the industry," said music producer Bink Wills.

Wills produced her single 'Get It Together.'

"I'm flabbergasted. I really didn't expect that of her," Wills said from California.

Bink said he never met Camilia in person, but worked with her online. He thought she may have been having some problems because of a recent Facebook post.

"The only thing I did notice is at one post she did post something about putting the kids up for adoption," Wills said.

A post on Camilia's personal Facebook page dated Friday reads, 'Been thinking bout putting my kids up for adoption.... =\ don't feel ready [sic]'

There's another post, also dated Friday, 'times like this its the worst when u have no one who understands at all [sic]'

Cleveland musician Charles Cunningham said he was collaborating on a song with Camilia when he heard the allegations against her on the news.

"You look at the system as well and say 'What happened?'" Cunningham said, "To find out who it was, that was the biggest shock of anything."

A search of her name on YouTube turns up video after video of her singing into a webcam.

The words to her song 'Burning Inside' are downright eerie considering what happened to Emilliano.

“I had a dream that somebody I knew was gonna die, was going die, was going die, die...” Camilia Terry sings.

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