November 27, 2012

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“How-to” Holiday Decor

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to update your home for the rest of the Holidays! Gregg Lauck, owner of The Greenhouse, was in studio with a couple easy centerpiece ideas to make your season sparkle. Check out our video clip for a “how-to” guide!



Canary Travel/Collette Vacations

How would you like to take the guess work out of your next vacation and leave the details to the experts? Dawn Emerson from Collette Vacations joined David in studio to explain!

Collette offers more than 150 expertly designed, escorted tours spanning 50-plus countries on all seven continents.Their vacations balance extraordinary experiences that connect you to new places and people, history and culture, with leisure time to venture out independently.

They have 3 groups being held right now:

  • Ireland’s Coastal Treasures – 8 days
  • Reflections of Italy – 10 days
  • Tropical Costa Rica – 8 days



Healthy Holiday Travel

Over the bridge and through the woods to Grandmother’s house can actually take a toll on your family’s health! Dr. Bob DeMaria joined us in studio with some easy tips to stay healthy during Holiday travel.

  • Sleep as much as you can. Sleep is when your body makes growth hormone.
  • Cover all the lights in your room including the alarm clock.  I would have ear plugs and eye covers.
  • Limit sugar.  Sugar paralyzes the immune system.  If you must eat sugar –  eat the cake and not the frosting. Avoid soda.
  • Take Vitamin D 2000 to 5000IU a day.  Also, consider taking Ca/Mg Zyme or a acid type of calcium – it helps the cell membranes stick together so viruses leave you alone.
  • Use Coconut oil instead of butter.  It is very healthy and also is a Natural anti-septic bacteria agent.  You can take 2 tablespoons a day.  This will help you lose weight and improve brain function.
  • Olive leaf is a great natural immune builder – take two or three starting right now through the winter time.  Most health food stores have it.

Hot Holiday Toys

The hunt for the hottest holiday toys is on! Here to take the stress out of shopping for the kiddies was Rose Wiegand from Learning Express in Strongsville.

Check out our video clip for some great gift ideas!



Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake

Looking for a delicious dessert for the Holidays? Here to help was Tiffany Poindexter, the owner of Bake Up! She whipped up a lemon, sour cream pound cake with David. Check out our video clip!

Check out her recipe here! 




Big, small, stocking stuffers, or gifts on a budget…you can take care of everyone on your list with presents from LUSH! The manager of the Beachwood location, Cici Driscoll, showed Kristi some of this season’s must-haves:

For the clever co-worker – Secret Santa ($11.95)

  • For as long as Secret Santa remains an office tradition, the Secret Santa gift will remain a LUSH tradition! Contents: Cinders bath bomb, Honey I Washed The Kids soap


For the hostess with the most-ess – Winter Wishes ($29.95)

  • This fresh line up will help to defy winter blues! There’s a little bit of everything in this gift; a scrub, a massage bar, a shower gel and a soap! Contents: Sugar Scrub, Ponche shower gel, Each Peach massage bar, Snow Globe soap


For the loveable little ones – House of Fun ($34.95)

  • Quite simply, this is a gift shaped like a house and it’s full of fun!  We’re not kidding around; inside you’ll find there’s jelly, rockets and fireworks! Contents: Fizzbanger bath bomb, Rocket reusable bubble bar, Whoosh shower jelly, Northern Lights soap


For the lovely lady in your life – Yule Love This Tin ($59.95)

  • A traditional, cozy tin full of products to make you think of being snuggled up on Christmas Eve. This one has seven bubble bars, what more could you want this Christmas? Contents: Karma bubble bar, Christmas Eve bubble bar, The Comforter bubble bar, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Santa’s Sack bubble bar, Rose Jam bubbleroon, Sunny Side bubble bar.


For that someone special – All I Want For Christmas ($149.95)

  • For bath fans everywhere, this gift contains an assortment of our most popular and luxurious bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts. Contents: Twilight bath bomb, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Party Popper bath bomb, Golden Wonder bath bomb, Father Christmas bath bomb, Cinders bath bomb, Avobath bath bomb, So White bath bomb, Big Blue bath bomb, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Christmas Eve bubble bar, Sunny Side bubble bar, Magic Wand reusable bubble bar, French Kiss bubble bar, Karma bubble bar, Amandopondo bubble bar, Rose Jam bubbleroon, Ceridwyn’s Cauldron bath melt, You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt.



Digestion – Beat the Holiday upset stomach!

From heartburn to indigestion…is all the Holiday eating catching up with you? Here to help with some all-natural remedies was Medeana Hobar from Nature’s Bin.

Medeana’s Suggestions?

  • Probiotics- ( acidophius, lactibicillis) Found in cultered products, these amazing strains of bacteria really keep the digestive system stable!
  • Kombucha- fermented bacteria that aids in digestion!
  •  Ginger- you can use fresh grated in hot water and (steep for 30 minutes and serve w/honey). Chew on a piece of fresh ginger following dinner, pickled ginger, or candied ginger.
  •  Papaya- papaya enzymes,papaya juice help to relive gas, acid etc.
  •  Digestive enzyme combinations- great to add to your supplement regimen! Will help your body utilize the vitamins found in the healthy foods we eat! Bonus as these also are anti-inflammatory!
  • Licorice- DGL espeially has been shown to be helpful in acid reflux discomfort! Drink tea, take capsules or try the chewable version! Also, REAL Licorice candy may help too!
  •  Teas – there are so many beneficial teas that you can enjoy before, during or after a meal! Peppermint, spearmint all really help to ease an upset tummy! Ginger tea as well as many digestive teas ( combinations of several herbs) can really keep the digestive system running in tip top shape!