Local HS Introduces Unique Texting Program

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MENTOR, Oho -- A Lake County high school is now using a unique text messaging program which allows students to anonymously send tips about any potential dangers at their school.

"See Something Say Something" is the new text messaging program at Mentor High School.

"We feel more safe being able to report the things that we see. If you see bullying or any problems you can just text the number and it goes straight to the administration. They know about it. You can text them what's happening, who's involved and where it is," says Natesa Weber, a senior at Mentor High School.

Principal Bill Wade will then get the text message on his office computer or an email on his smartphone, so school administration can respond to the situation accordingly.

"If it's a fight could be breaking out or a student stealing something from the cafeteria, kids bullying or harassing one another, students maybe using or selling drugs; those are things that go on at any high school in America. And, really a majority of our students don't want those things going on cause it takes away from our school," says Principal Wade.

The text messaging program is similar to what the Cincinnati Bengals use to report bad fan behavior during their home football games.

Weber says students seem to like the fact that they can report what they see and they will not be considered a snitch by their classmates.

"It's really great for the students because they don't have to get involved. Your name is not on a piece of paper saying that you told on this person or did anything," says the high school senior.

The text messaging program was launched back in late October and has only received about six text messages so far. But, school officials believe the more students know about the program the more useful it will become.