Powerball Jackpot at Record High $425 Million

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BROOK PARK, Ohio -- The Powerball jackpot has bounced to a whopping $425 million for Wednesday's night's drawing. This is the biggest Powerball jackpot ever. There hasn't been a top winner in 13 drawings. 

"When it's big, I play," Patti Steffan of Cleveland said. 

There was a steady stream of lottery players at the Shell station at Smith and Snow Roads in Brook Park Monday. William Brown was among those trying their luck on the Powerball. 

"At work we figured, a lot of us is better than one of us. So, we all added up. We got $180 worth of tickets," he said. 

It's all a numbers game. Five out of 59 white balls are picked. For the Powerball, it's one out of 35 red balls drawn. There are nine ways to win. But, you can't win the jackpot without the Powerball. Bill Gardner usually uses the auto pick for his numbers. But, he was wondering what Powerball numbers come out the most.  

The Powerball pool of numbers was reduced from 39 to 35 as of January 18th of this year.  According to Powerball.com, the official Powerball website, the number 33 has come out the most. It has been drawn seven times since January 18th. 

"Seven times, wow. That's a lot," Gardner said.

Steffan was wondering what Powerball numbers are drawn the least. The Powerball website shows that four numbers have yet to be drawn since January 18th. They are 9, 15, 17 and 31. 

Here is another numbers note: The Powerball was last won in October in Delaware.  The Powerball number was 10. The last time the Powerball was won in Ohio, the Powerball number was 10.

And, Steffan offers this tip: "You have to be in it, to win it!"