Military Dad Surprises Daughter for the Holiday

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By Kevin Bolinger, KVVU

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (KVVU/CNN) -- A military family in Las Vegas was just about to celebrate another Thanksgiving without their dad who was in Afghanistan.

That is ... until he surprised them and came home early.

It was just another dance practice at Bunker Dance Studio for young Rylee Morse. One last rehearsal until another Thanksgiving without her dad who was on a 14-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Then, the best move of the night ... Sergeant Major Ronald Morse walked through the door, and the heartbeating music turned into tugs on the heartstrings.

The reunion was multiplied as the other Morse kids came into the room. The only one in on the surprise was mom, who wanted to create an unforgettable way to bring a family together that is so often apart.

"Military kids take a lot. They get all the bad, not always the good. Just to give them this gift, the excitement. It was hard to pull it off but it was good," said Tammy Morse.

"It would have been special anytime. But just a little more emotional around the holidays," said Sgt. Maj. Morse.

The Morse Family has a lot to be thankful for: being together; being safe; and for one little girl, being able to look her father in the eye and wrap her arms around him.

"He's the best dad," Rylee Morse boasted.

Ronald Morse is retiring soon, after 30 years in the military.

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