‘Tidy’ Home Burglary Suspects Arrested

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WESTLAKE, Ohio -- Some suspected home burglars are so neat and tidy during break-ins that some of their victims may have not realized they were burglarized, police said.

The tidy thieves hit three homes in Westlake in the last few weeks, police said. Two of the victims didn't even know their homes were broken into because nothing seemed out of order.

One woman just thought she had misplaced the stolen item, police said.

"It is kind of creepy," said Mo Loesch, a neighbor of one of the victims.

Police arrested Stephen Zywotek, 25, and Chelsea Alurovic, 25, of Avon Lake for drug and burglary-related charges, along with Matthew Graff, 24, of Cleveland for complicity to burglary. Police think there is one more suspect.

They were caught because of alert neighbors.

"My neighbor asked me if I saw anybody at her house and I said, come to think of it, I saw a red Jeep Cherokee in your driveway today," Mo Loesch said.

When Loesch found out her neighbors were victims, she sent an email to other neighbors warning them of the red jeep.

"Another neighbor said she was so happy I did that because then she saw a red Jeep Cherokee so she knew something was up," Loesch said.

That is how the suspects were caught.

Police said in two of the cases the burglars got in through unlocked doors.

"Lock our doors. Put your alarm on," Loesch said.