Police Attempt to Identify More Spy Cam Victims

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JACKSON TWP., Ohio - Detectives continue to try and identify any additional victims of a high school basketball coach accused of secretly hiding cameras in a locker room to get pictures of the students as they were showering.

Scott Studer, 46, a coach at Jackson High School, was charged last week with multiple counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material.

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Police Chief Dave Zink says during questioning Studer admitted to investigators that he has a preference for boys at that age.

So far 38 students have already been identified from the evidence confiscated at Studer's home.

Police say the evidence reveals that the photos date as far back as 2005.

Among the questions in the community is how the crime could have been carried out for so long without being detected.

Sondra Fronimo, a licensed professional counselor, says she has counseled both victims and sex offenders, and she says secrecy is as important to the offenders as the crime itself.

"They don't believe they are ever going to get caught, really they don’t believe they are ever going to get caught," said Fronimo who added that they also do not believe there really are any victims of what they are doing.

During her career she has counseled offenders who have hidden cameras in women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms.

"They tell themselves in their own mind that they are not hurting anybody, and they believe that, and not only do they believe that but they don’t care if they were," she added.

"They are very big on keeping secrets," said Fronimo.

"The thing about offenders, any kind of sexual offender, is they expend as much energy in keeping it a secret as they do in setting up the act. That's very important to them keeping it a secret because once they get caught they have to stop," she added.

Chris Rudy is a retired Jackson Twp. detective who worked at the police department during part of the time that Studer would have been conducting his crimes.

Rudy says he investigated hundreds of sex offenses during his career and Studer never once came to his attention. He also says the students who are being identified should not feel as though they did anything wrong.

"There's no fault here with any of these kids, they were doing what they normally do and they were the victim of a voyeur," said Rudy.

Rudy has authored a book called 'The Last Victim' about his efforts to track down a serial sex offender who committed crimes across the country for 20 years. He now consults with police departments helping them learn how to profile sex offenders.

"[Parents] could say this, 'I would imagine you are feeling violated, you are feeling betrayed,' said Fronimo.

"This is their coach" she concluded "and they are feeling hurt, so the more these kids talk about it the better they are going to be, it will help them to heal."

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