Man in Cat Costume Assaults Gas Station Workers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (WXIN) — Police are searching for a man dressed as a cat who assaulted a store employee on the east side.

It happened twice in three nights at the Shell gas station at 2040 E. Washington St.

“Every time, they think that it’s funny,” said Sylvano Houessou, the manager of the store. “They come to the store just to mess with you, fight with you, trying to do stuff. They just don’t care about nobody, you know?”

Surveillance video caught a group walking in at 4 a.m. A man goes first to hold the door, while others record it all on their cell phones. Police said the man in full leopard costume tells the clerk he’s hungry and threatens to hurt him. The man then throws a green stuffed animal at the clerk and runs off to a house next door.

“It was a big ‘ol cat,” said Chase Rives who captured the incident on his phone. “I tried to get a camera view of it, couldn’t get it and it starts running around.”

Houessou and his employees said the man in costume, Rives and his friends are no longer allowed in the store. They are also keeping their doors locked during late hours.

“They keep doing it,” said Houessou. “I guess they’re not scared about nobody.”