Lindsay Lohan: Keep Me on Set, It’s Safer

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By Breeanna Hare, CNN

(CNN) — Lindsay Lohan worked hard to get the part of Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s TV movie “Liz & Dick,” and she’s hoping that it’ll pay off when it premieres on the network November 25.

She told “Good Morning America” Friday that she got the part by “harassing [producer] Larry Thompson.”

“I had seen that they were going to be making the movie, and I got the producer’s number,” she said. “I didn’t even care if my agents were going to do it or not, I just did it myself too.”

Her persistence undoubtedly helped, but we think her uncanny ability to transform into Liz Taylor (you have seen the promo pics, right?) helped as well.

For Lohan, the thought of taking on such an icon was made a bit easier when she thought about how well she related to Taylor.

“It’s really nerve-wracking to play someone that’s such an incredible force, and a wonderful woman, so I was kind of nervous to see what people would think of it,” Lohan said. “You can never actually be a clone of the person, so you have to bring some of yourself into it. I was lucky enough, because I do relate to Elizabeth Taylor in a lot of ways.”

For example, Lohan said, there was a time when she doubted that acting was for her.

“Just as Elizabeth Taylor did, there was a time when I was just doing so much work constantly, and I kind of had that moment, where I was like, ‘do I really love doing this?’ for a minute. And stepping back, and seeing other people do other movies, and then kind of noticing, wait, that’s what I love to do. I need to get in the right head-space and focus on being on set. That’s what makes me happiest,” she said.

And, according to the embattled star, it’ s also the smartest place for her to be.

“I’m reading scripts every day. I just want to keep calling my agents. I’m like, ‘Just keep me on set. It’s safer that way,'” she said.

Perhaps it was the scripts that have kept her away from hearing the news about her dad, who reportedly has a 17-year-old daughter, giving Lohan a half-sister. But when the news was brought up, Lohan said she “hadn’t heard.”

Steering the conversation back to her career, the star reiterated that she wanted to focus on the positive. With “Liz & Dick,” she hopes her “love for acting shows through a lot, and people really see that. I hope they enjoy the portrayal, I did the best that I could. And I hope Elizabeth’s happy, watching from up, over above.”

“I’m in a great place,” she added. “I just want to move forward, keep working. … And just be happy.”