Mike Polk’s Book Release

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Mike Polk Jr.’s “Damn Right I’m From Cleveland!” Book Release Extravaganza!


Mike Polk wrote a book! (it’s mostly pictures). The creator of “The Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos” is shamelessly cashing in on his regional notoriety and love of all things Cleveland by skewering the city he loves in a book that one reviewer raves is “108 pages long”!

Join us for this star-studded evening on November 28th. It will feature stand-up, videos, long-winded self-congratulatory speeches and a musical performance by Mike’s sketch group, “Last Call Cleveland”. Your extremely-reasonable-in-the-whole-scheme-of-things-admission is just 18 dollars and that includes a copy of Mike’s book! (A 15 dollar value!).

So come out in the middle of the week, have a few drinks, a few laughs and help us celebrate that someone did something! Someone did something! Doors open and cocktails flow at 7pm. Show starts at 8 pm.