Dynamite Found in Student’s Book Bag

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JEFFERSON TWP. , Ohio — A student has been suspended for ten days and could face harsher punishment after a stick of dynamite was allegedly found in his book bag at school.

According to the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Department, the incident occurred at A-Tech in Jefferson Twp. on Friday.

Dean of Students Paul Stofan said another student reported the dynamite and said the student who was in possession of the stick claimed he was going to set it off in his auto works class.

A four-inch long cylinder with a wick, identified by Ashtabula County sheriff’s deputies as dynamite, was allegedly found in the student’s book bag.

Hhe said he had planned to use to “blow stuff up” after school on a previous date but then forgot about it.

The student also said he found the dynamite at home in his garage and had no intention of setting it off at school.

The explosive was turned over to the Lake County Bomb Squad for proper disposal.

The case has been forwarded to the prosecutor’s office to be reviewed and the school will consider expulsion at a future hearing.