Browns Ready to Take on Dallas Cowboys

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(Image credit: MGN)

CLEVELAND — Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden heads to Dallas to face the “Boys” in that monstrosity called Cowboy Stadium with its gigantic scoreboard. About 160 feet long and 72 feet high, the $40 million scoreboard hangs above the field.  

“Just wait ‘til you see this thing” said the Browns QB. “It’s unbelievable. It’s huge. It’s overwhelming if you’re sitting in the stands.”

Weeden won’t have that luxury. He will be in uniform with Dallas Cowboy defenders trying to take his head off and defensive backs hoping to pick him off.  Other than that, there will be no pressure on Sunday when the Browns try to get win number 3 of the season to go against the 7 losses.

Weeden has been treated a little bit differently than other quarterbacks because he came into the league at age 28, and recently added another candle to the birthday cake. Most rookies get a year or two as an understudy and by year three, are starting with 8-10 more years ahead of them.

“I am not a nine or 10 year veteran. People lose track of that. I gotta play better and do my part to help this team win.”

There is a lot on the former Oklahoma State quarterback’s plate besides a birthday cake.  You could call it pressure.  Fire.  Scrutiny.  Criticism.  Does Weeden feel he is under fire?  He says not so.

“I am nine games into my career. Things haven’t gone the way I expected, but no, I don’t think I am under fire”.

The head coach wants Weeden to improve by not throwing interceptions.  He had two of them against the Ravens before the bye week break.

I agree, I have to take care of the football. I have to cut down on them. I think guys that are aggressive like that, sometimes that’s one category they, unfortunately, may have a couple more than they’d like. It’s not good, but we’re just being aggressive. Sometimes, making that aggressive throw, sometimes it catapults you and gets you momentum. You get a big throw and kind of spark a drive or something. I agree with what he’s saying.”

Weeden has been able to survey the field pretty well as he has not been sacked that much so far this season.

“The majority of that goes to those guys [offensive line]. Those guys are doing a great job of keeping me off the ground. We’re getting the ball out quick, but I think it all starts with those guys up front. Tight ends blocking and backs doing their part. My offensive line has played outstanding all year. I think Mitch [Schwartz] has come in and played great. He has gotten better every single game.”

The Dallas Cowboys want to put tons of highlights on the Giant Scoreboard on Sunday. Weeden wouldn’t mind at all if fans there have to crane their necks to view a one-time Oklahoma State product lighting up the scoreboard.