APL: ‘Eeyore’ Making Gains, Eating More

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RAVENNA, Ohio — A starved and abused dog continues to make progress, according to the Portage County Animal Protective League.

The Portage County dog warden says Eeyore was near death when they found him. The boxer/mastiff mix was walking around a neighborhood in Ravenna. The dog weighed only 47 pounds, when according to veterinarian Dr. Jeremy Blankenship he should have weighed approximately 80 – 90 pounds.

Since then, Eeyore has been making steady gains, is more alert and energetic and eating about seven cups of food a day. The APL says that is more than a dog his size should be eating. They’ll cut back once he’s reached an ideal weight.

Eeyore is also battling skin issues, but the APL staff says it hasn’t stopped him from being curious.

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