Pets Perish: Three Dogs Die in House Fire

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SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio -- Three rescue dogs perished in a Sheffield Lake fire at the home of a couple who fosters and rehabilitates abused, neglected and unwanted dogs.

Patricia and Duane Fogo, who are now homeless and lost all their belongings, are devastated the three rescue dogs died when their home went up in flames Monday morning.

"We feel so bad that we couldn't save those dogs in the basement. They had such bad lives and to have them end like that is just so tragic," Patricia said.

Patricia said that about 6:30 a.m., a dog next to her started barking, got her up and she discovered the fire in the basement where three of the rescue dogs were in their crates: Korbin, a male brindle boxer; Leelu, a female fawn boxer; and Pixie, a severely malnourished seven -month-old boxer-lab mix.

"We were trying to bring them up to speed, get them healthy, get them socialized, and we were having trouble with them, so they were in cages in the basement so they wouldn't fight," Patricia said.

Duane said he grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to put the fire out but the smoke was too much.

"I knew if I would have went down there I would not have been alive right now," Duane said.

"And there was no way we could get to them so we lost all three of them," Patricia said.

They were able to get their five other dogs out - or so they thought.

"My Honey, one of my favorite boxers, I thought she was outside and the smoke was so thick we couldn't see and after the house had burned and burned and the fire department could go inside, they found her in the laundry room and they were able to give her oxygen and bring her back to life," Patricia said.

While the Fogos are heartbroken over Pixie, Korbin and Leelu, they are thankful they and their five other dogs are alive-- like they had a guardian angel.

"And it had four paws," Duane said.

The Fogos are uninsured. However, they both work and plan to get a new home where they can once again help dogs in need.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

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