Katrina Victims Deliver Food to Sandy Victims

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(Photo Credit: CNN)

STATEN ISLAND, New York (CNN) — Superstorm Sandy victims got a helping hand, and a hot meal, from their friends in New Orleans.

A team from Zatarain’s of New Orleans traveled to Staten Island.

They served up thousands of meals, including jambalaya, to first responders and others affected by the storm.

Volunteers said their city got help after Katrina, and now they’re paying it forward.

“The main reason we’re here is because we knew how people came to New Orleans and a lot of that was New York firefighters,” said Dudley Passman, Zatarain’s director of food service sales. “It was a big impact with that. They came and helped their fellow firefighters, helped feed us and do things so as soon as we had the opportunity to come up, we jumped on the truck, came up and started cooking jambalaya.”

Sandy is responsible for at least 113 deaths, 43 in New York City alone.

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