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Diamonds Made of Cremated Man Lost

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(Photo Credit: CNN)

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) — Cremated remains from a 25-year-old man are missing.

A Houston company made the man’s ashes into diamonds. It’s a way to remember a loved one who has died.

“Which would be invaluable to someone else, but priceless to the family,” said Vincent Campise, who works for the Swiss-based company, Algordanza, which has an office in Houston.

The company ships diamonds all over the world. But their most recent clients were the parents of Kyle Thomas, a 25-year-old who died after getting hurt playing Australian football.

His family paid $15,000 for two one-of-a-kind diamonds.

“They were packed here. We did pack them, shipped them. Sent them to Australia, hoping the diamonds would make it to the mother of the deceased son,” said Campise.

But the diamonds never made it.

The family snapped several pictures the day after their package arrived. The pictures showed empty white boxes.

“I thought, this is not real,” said Veit Brimer, founder of the diamond company. “This is a bad dream.”

It’s unclear what happened to the diamonds, but it appears they were stolen.

The Thomas family described the theft as devastating.

“I’d like to see the people responsible be brought to justice,” said Campise.

“We’re looking to make sure this never happens again,” said Steve Thomas, Kyle’s father.

The company has already started making replacement diamonds for the Thomas family out of their son’s remaining ashes.