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Mark Zinni November 6, 201211:25 pm

Party clearing out rapidly in Independence. Cuyahoga County Republican Party Chairman Rob Frost upset FOX News called race for President Obama; thinks it’s too soon. However, crowd is leaving, people hugging.

fox8webcentral November 6, 201211:23 pm

You can hear crickets at the republican party in downtown Columbus now …

Lindsay Buckingham November 6, 201211:20 pm

Barack Obama has been re-elected into a second term as President of the United States of America, Fox News projects.

Jessica Dabrowski November 6, 201211:13 pm

Fox News calls Ohio for Obama.

fox8webcentral November 6, 201211:12 pm

“We left it all on the field. We fought we integrity, but I’ll be back and fight again.” Josh Mandel on his defeat to Senator Sherrod Brown. -Gabe

fox8webcentral November 6, 201211:11 pm

Mandel said, “I called Sherrod Brown and congratulated him on his victory. I have great respect for him as a leader.” -Gabe

fox8webcentral November 6, 201211:10 pm

Josh Mandel thanked his wife and family for being by his side tonight. He said he will continue the fight and you haven’t heard the last from him. — Gabe Spiegel

Lindsay Buckingham November 6, 201211:07 pm

Republican “Joe the Plumber” has lost to veteran Democrat Marcy Kaptur for a U.S. House seat in Ohio’s 9th District. https://fox8.com/2012/11/06/joe-the-plumber-loses-to-marcy-kaptur/

Mark Zinni November 6, 201210:54 pm

Don’t forget, we’re on from 11-11:30 on FOX 8 News and streaming live online on this website… Just click up in the corner where it says “WATCH LIVE”.

Mark Zinni November 6, 201210:47 pm

Ohio still “too close to call”, per FOX News. Fewer than 100,000 separate Obama and Romney. People wait, patiently, at the Romney headquarters in Independence.

Jessica Dabrowski November 6, 201210:22 pm

Crowd cheers as Sherrod Brown’s wife takes over victory speech when his voice gives out. “I can’t believe I’m reading somebody else’s writing,” Connie Schultz, a Pulitzer Prize-winner, joked.

Jessica Dabrowski November 6, 201210:18 pm

Sherrod Brown in victory speech: “This race was about the resurgence in Ohio manufacturing.”

Lindsay Buckingham November 6, 201210:14 pm

UPDATE: 9:14 p.m. EDT — President Obama will win the swing state of New Hampshire and its four electoral votes, CNN projects. He also won the state in 2008.

Mark Zinni November 6, 201210:13 pm

Don’t miss our action-packed hour of news that’s on TV right now. Oh yes, we’re also doing a competition-crushing 11 p.m. show tonight, too.

Jessica Dabrowski November 6, 20129:59 pm

Kevin Freeman shares this picture of the media all lined up at the dems’ party in Columbus.

fox8webcentral November 6, 20129:33 pm

BREAKING NEWS!! FOX NEWS reporting Sherrod Brown has won. — Gabe

Lindsay Buckingham November 6, 20129:27 pm

Presidential Race: Mitt Romney will win Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming; President Barack Obama will take Michigan, New Jersey and New York, CNN projects.

Mark Zinni November 6, 20129:26 pm

Crowd cheers as FOX News calls for Republicans to retain control of U.S. House of Representatives. They also just voted (by applause) to turn down the music and turn up the television.

fox8webcentral November 6, 20129:20 pm

“Issue 2 is going down… not official… but nearly.” — Ohio Republican Chairman Bob Bennett. Gabe

Mark Zinni November 6, 20129:17 pm

Romney left Cleveland today and went to Pittsburgh for a final rally in PA. Some repubs thought it was “in play” even though heavy for dems for a long time, but Obama just won it…

fox8webcentral November 6, 20129:15 pm

1st BIG announcement coming in moments … in the republican ballroom in Columbus. They’re teasing us! Therefore I tease you. Stay tuned… — Gabe Spiegel

Jessica Dabrowski November 6, 20129:12 pm

OHIO SENATE RACE UPDATE: With nearly 20 percent of precincts reporting, Sherrod Brown pulls in 1,148,543 votes (52.63%) to Josh Mandel’s 935,092 (42.85%).

fox8webcentral November 6, 20129:08 pm

With 11-percent of the precincts reporting, Sherrod Brown is leading Josh Mandel 50-44%… but it’s still early. — Gabe Spiegel

Mark Zinni November 6, 20129:08 pm

Jane Platten, Director of Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, tweeted that results are coming fast. Between you and me, Obama will win the county because Dems outnumber Repubs 3-to-1.

Mark Zinni November 6, 20128:48 pm

I’ve worked a lot of these election nights and it’s fun to think back… In 2008 and 2004, I was working in Rhode Island. But in 2000, I was covering the Summit County Board of Elections as an associate producer at….Yes….FOX 8 News! For the record, I was in college in 1996.

Jessica Dabrowski November 6, 20128:47 pm

Kevin Freeman says the Rev. Jesse Jackson is at the Democratic HQ in Columbus. Jackson called Sen. Sherrod Brown one of the best senators there is right now and predicted a Barack Obama win.

fox8webcentral November 6, 20128:45 pm

Obama supporters happy about today’s nice weather and credit it for getting so many people to the polls
-Suzanne Stratford

fox8webcentral November 6, 20128:33 pm

Democrats are trickling in here at the Double Tree in Cleveland for the watch party. People encouraged by the numbers in Ohio. Although Romney has 2x as many counties the President has thousands more votes
–Suzanne Stratford

Mark Zinni November 6, 20128:33 pm

Sen Rob Portman thanking crowd via Skype. Thanking volunteers for hard work and warning of consequences of Romney/Ryan loss.

fox8webcentral November 6, 20128:19 pm

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett — “his connections are invaluable.” -Senator Portman.

fox8webcentral November 6, 20128:18 pm

Senator Rob Portman speaking now … he’s excited for a Romney victory.

Mark Zinni November 6, 20128:13 pm

Okay folks, heading to the media platform for a live update on FOX 8 in minutes! Join us on air….. In other words, turn the television to Channel 8 or 1008, because it looks better in HD.

Jessica Dabrowski November 6, 20128:11 pm

We’re fired up in the newsroom, ready to bring you all of the results!

Check out what our anchors have to say about the pulse of Election Night…


Mark Zinni November 6, 20128:08 pm

Gov. Kasich addressing crowd in Independence and thanking them for support. Just said, “we’re in for a long night…”

Mark Zinni November 6, 20128:00 pm

New numbers from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections: Obama — 176,162 and Romney — 72,135. I’m assuming these are the early-vote totals, because 0% reporting.

Lindsay Buckingham November 6, 20127:57 pm

This is the scene in Independence, where the Cuyahoga County Republican Party has set up shop for the night.

Jessica Dabrowski November 6, 20127:54 pm

Results of the Brown/Mandel Senate race, fueled by attack ads and testy debates, are starting to come in …


Mark Zinni November 6, 20127:53 pm

Now we’re in business! The crowd is gathering in Independence for the Cuyahoga County Republican Party…party. LIVE UPDATE around 8:20 on FOX 8 News.

Lindsay Buckingham November 6, 20127:48 pm

With polls closing across the U.S., CNN has projected winners for many states. Get state-by-state, real-time presidential results here: https://fox8.com/2012/11/06/results-of-presidential-race/

fox8webcentral November 6, 20127:29 pm

Republican party grows in Columbus. Program begins officially at 8 p.m. featuring Kasich, Portman and Mandel.

fox8webcentral November 6, 20127:28 pm

We are hearing there are some problems at a polling station in Columbia Station..
We are checking into it
–Suzanne Stratford

fox8webcentral November 6, 20127:25 pm

President Barack Obama participated in an election day ritual today..he played basketball with his friends. Only once has he didn’t not played ball and he lost that primary. So today it was nothing but net
–Suzanne Stratford

fox8webcentral November 6, 20127:23 pm

I just spoke with Dave Yost, Ohio Auditor and co-chair of Romney-Ohio, and he’s cautiously optimistic about a Romney victory. He thinks it’s going to be close, but Romney will carry the Buckeye State. — Gabe Spiegel

fox8webcentral November 6, 20126:46 pm

Suzanne Stratford here at the Democratic Party HQ watch party in Cuyahoga County at the Double Tree in Cleveland. 350 people are expected to be here for what could be a nail biter

Lindsay Buckingham November 6, 20126:36 pm

Want to see what goes on during a newsroom on Election Night?
Click here: https://fox8.com/2012/11/06/pictures-election-night-at-fox-8/

Mark Zinni November 6, 20126:34 pm

We just got some new sound with Governor Romney in Richmond Heights. We’ll have it for you at 7, live from Independence.

Mark Zinni November 6, 20126:21 pm

Slow and steady. People are showing up at the Romney headquarters in Independence, but most of the “big players” will be in Columbus with my friend Gabe Spiegel.

fox8webcentral November 6, 20126:09 pm

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel just arrived at the GOP Headquarters in downtown Columbus.
— Gabe Spiegel

Jessica Bates November 6, 20126:07 pm

Fox 8′s Bill Sheil is keeping an eye on the situation at the Cuyahoga County Board of elections tonight. Bill just sent us this picture of employees scanning mail-in ballots at the Board of Elections.

Mark Zinni November 6, 20125:50 pm

Just talked to communications director for Cuyahoga County GOP. This is VERY preliminary, but they’re seeing slightly lower turnout in the city but more people (republicans) in the suburbs.

Jessica Bates November 6, 20125:40 pm

Fox 8’s Mark Zinni getting ready to bring you a LIVE update from the Cuyahoga County Republican Headquarters’ event in Independence tonight.

fox8webcentral November 6, 20125:25 pm

The party here at the Republican Headquarters in downtown Columbus will get started around 8 p.m. Governor Kasich, Senator Rob Portman and other dignitaries will speak. State Auditor Dave Yost will host.
We just talked with Josh Mandel in Hilliard, we’re working on bringing you that sound at 6 p.m.

Lindsay Buckingham November 6, 20125:18 pm

That’s FOX 8 News photographer Dave Bradford setting up for You Decide 2012!

Mark Zinni November 6, 20125:11 pm

Okay folks, here we go! I’m live all night with the Cuyahoga County Republican Party in Independence. Right now, we’re just gettin’ goin’ and they’re setting up the room. Live shot again at 5:30.