Browns Rookies Talk About Rough Season

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CLEVELAND — The bye week came at a good time for the Browns. Don’t take my word for it. Here is what Trent Richardson said about the break.

“This bye week is going to be big for me as far as having the rib injury. It hasn’t really been where I could be at 100 percent yet so I’m waiting for that moment. It’s going to make a big difference having this bye week. Whenever they heal 100 percent, I don’t know if it will be over this bye week, but when it does it’s going to be a whole other Trent out there.”

Richardson is very excited about the final seven games of the season and said to reporters his biggest goal is to just get some wins. Not matter how it’s done, personal goals aside.

If it’s a 100-yard game, it’s a 100-yard game. If it’s a 50-yard game, it’s a 50-yard game. As long as we are winning and as long as we are doing everything we can fundamentally to put our self in a better situation for winning the game.”

Brandon Weeden had a rough Sunday, throwing two interceptions and failing to get the Browns into the endzone (An apparent TD pass to Josh Gordon was called back due to penalty). He was asked to assess the difficulties of taking a team into the red zone, yet not getting his team to the Promised Land, so to speak.

“The field is shorter, it’s smaller and it’s fast. There are a lot of bodies in a small area and the windows are tighter, there are extremes, they come after you, they blitz. The touchdown I threw to Josh Gordon was cover zero, they come after you so it’s difficult down there. It’s definitely difficult because you can’t stretch the field, but we have good plays down there. Our staff puts together good plays in place to score points. Sometimes they have a good defense called up, sometimes we don’t execute and then if you do a combination of those two things, it’s a bad recipe for scoring points.”

Weeden said he watched the Baltimore game tape twice and declared that it’s over. Several times he owned up to being very aware of Ravens defensive back Ed Reed, who has made a career of picking off Browns passes, causing many quarterbacks sleepless nights. 

“I’m in a lose-lose, so I check it down and hope that my backs can get a first down. If not, get a few yards and kick a field goal. You gotta take shots, but they weren’t open”, said the rookie quarterback who owned up to frustration in not delivering a win.

Weeden also said the play terminology is not the reason the team struggled on a few occasions on getting a play called and executed in a timely manner.

The Browns return to the field on November, 18th in Dallas.