Boxing Legend Pushes CMSD Levy Passage

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Star power on the campaign trail.

Legendary boxing promoter and Cleveland native Don King was in the city Monday, going door to door and pressing the flesh, pushing for the passage of the controversial school levy.

Dressed in patriotic swag, King also visited his alma mater, John Adams High School, surrounded by Mayor Frank Jackson and the students who he said would most benefit by a victory.

"I'm blessed that I have the honor of coming here to support Mayor Jackson and support John Adams and support the levy," he said. "And hopefully everybody that's in the community in the close environment will do likewise."

The 14.9-mill operating levy would cost the owner of an average $60,000 Cleveland home about $300 more a year in taxes.

Supporters believe passage would increase graduation rates, create new school models at some of the city’s lowest performing schools and invest in new technology.

“We have an opportunity to determine for ourselves our own fate and future and the future not only of this city, but of those we say we care about which our the children," said Jackson.

But not everyone is in favor of Issue 107, including Alfred Porter, Jr., with the Urban Educational Justice League, citing the misappropriation of funds, not benefitting the children.

“The question with Issue 107 is accountability," said Porter. "How can you trust the same people who have misused our money, so far, to still be in charge of that money."

And parent Donna Walker agreed, saying her property taxes will significantly increase if the levy passes.

"Three houses to the right of me is abandoned houses, and one house to the left of me is abandoned, and we as citizens, we just can't afford to pay for a failing system already that has the same people that were actually in place five years ago," said Walker.

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