Tree Falls Into Girl’s Bedroom During Storm

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AMHERST, Ohio -- An Amherst family is breathing a sigh of relief after winds from  Superstorm Sandy on Tuesday morning caused a massive tree to crash into their home.

"I heard that loud thud and we were all kind of disoriented and scared," said Tracy Roy, of Amherst.

The noise the Roy family heard was their neighbor's tree crashing into 7-year-old Zoey's room.  Luckily, the young girl was sleeping in bed with her mother and younger sister.  

"If I didn't have them in the bed with me, my middle daughter probably wouldn't be here because the ceiling collapsed right onto her bed with the wood and the dry wall, it would have been right in the middle of her," said Roy.  

Zoey's bedroom is a disaster with a gaping hole in the roof and her toys destroyed. Water from the rain this week has been leaking all over the house.

The family has put large buckets throughout the house to collect the rain water dripping from the cracks in the ceiling and now the family is staying with relatives. 

"The insurance declared it a catastrophic loss and the house is uninhabitable because they are concerned about the possibility of fire now as well with all the wiring exposed," Roy said.

A tree service crew arrived at the Roy's home on Thursday afternoon to take the massive tree off the roof. They say their tree removal service has been very busy lately. 

"All week we've been working in the rain, taking down big trees that have been falling on houses all over the place," said Adrian Roche of Lemeister's Crane and Tree Service.

The Roy family does have power but with the holes in their roof and the needed repairs they do not know when they'll be able to move back in.