Power Outages Increase Risk on the Road

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- The power remains out for thousands across northeast Ohio leaving many streets in the dark.

One of those is Franklin Boulevard, that runs from Cleveland into Lakewood.

And for a portion of the road, the traffic lights are out, just one of the many lingering effects of Superstorm Sandy.

"It's dark there, anything could go down," said Charles Higgins, of Lakewood.

The signal is dark at the intersection of Franklin and West 117th, causing confusion for many drivers.

"Cars was coming past us. I thought we were going to be in an accident," said Ruth Tucker, of Lakewood.

"I saw several accidents at this intersection. Yesterday, they went into the bar across the street," added Whitney Callahan, of Lakewood.

To ensure that doesn't happen again, Lakewood Police warn people to stop at a traffic light that is out. If not, they will pull drivers over and possibly cite them.

"It's dark, people can't see it's a four-way stop without the lights. When it's light, people aren't used to stopping at a four-way stop with the lights," added Callahan.

While thousands wait for the power to be restored, police are asking drivers to treat every signal that is out as a four-way stop sign.

"All you can really do is play it safe. Stop at any intersection that doesn't have a light on. Watch what the other cars are doing and take your chance when you can," said Dustin Snyder, of Lakewood.

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