Ann Romney Stumps in Strongsville

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- The wife of President Obama's challenger, Mitt Romney, made a campaign stop in northeast Ohio.

Ann Romney was in Strongsville to campaign for her husband.

Cindy McCain, who wanted to be first lady four years ago, introduced the woman who hopes to be the next first lady of the United States, Ann Romney.

"I know this man so well and I know that whatever he takes on he does well, he does not fail, he will not fail the American people and he will not fail this country," said Ann Romney.

Ann Romney campaigned for her husband, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, in front of hundreds of supporters at a "Women's Victory Rally" at the Strongsville Rec Center Thursday evening.

"I have news for all of those people that are really, really suffering right now ... help is on the way," Romney said.

Ann Romney talked about her family life ... 43 years of marriage, five children and 18 grandchildren.  She also spoke about why her husband deserves to be elected president.

"I can't wait to get someone in the White House who really understands the economy, understands job creation, understands what it's like to get this country going again," said Ann Romney.

Ann Romney says she has enjoyed crossing the country, speaking directly to Americans about the issues that are important to them, mainly the economy.

"It's time for a turnaround and let's turn it around and have the person who actually knows how to do turnarounds and have done them all of his life, Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States," she said.

"I think she is the most gracious woman I have ever known, just wonderful speeches," said one Romney supporter.

Romney supporters say they were encouraged by Ann Romney's speech.

"I think she's gonna be the best first lady, a classy lady.  We need, we can't have four more years of what we have," said Lucy Toth.

"What a woman of integrity and it only comes with a man of integrity as well, so both of them fit perfectly together," said Craig Jensen of Lakewood.

Ann Romney said her Strongsville stop was her final stop on the campaign trail by herself.

She will now join her husband for the final stretch of campaigning.

In fact, Mitt Romney will hold a rally at the I-X Center on Sunday.  Tickets can be picked up at the Holiday Inn in Westlake.

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