Romney, Ryan Rally in North Canton

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NORTH CANTON, Ohio -- The presidential election is just days away. Friday evening, thousands of people packed a high school baseball field to hear Governor Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, speak.

The Oakridge Boys entertained a crowd of thousands on the baseball field at North Canton Hoover High School in Stark County at the beginning of the event.

"Ohio, you're used to it, you know it.  You know that you're the epicenter of choosing the future of this country.  You understand the responsibility that you have and the opportunity that you have.  These are serious times which require serious solutions," Ryan told the crowd.

"We don't want to wait four more years for change," he added.

Romney blasted President Obama on his economic policies, the national debt and Obamacare.

He outlined his plan to help the economy grow, including helping small businesses.

"The president said you that can't change Washington from the inside, he said you can only change it from the outside.  We're going to give him that chance in a few days," Romney said.

Most people in the crowd were Romney supporters, although one man did tell Fox 8 that he was still undecided and wanted to hear Romney first-hand.

Cleveland-native and actress Patricia Heaton attended the rally to show her support. She introduced Ryan, who later introduced Romney.

"We're taking back America, we're going to keep this country strong.  We're going to strengthen our families and our economy and our military.  America's going to remain the hope of the earth.  Thank you, Ohio, you're gonna make it happen!" Romney told the crowd.

Other politicians attended including Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, Congressman Jim Renacci and Senate candidate Josh Mandel.

The rally ended with an elaborate fireworks display.

The Obama campaign responded to the event with the following statement from Jessica Kershaw, press secretary for the Ohio chapter of Obama for America:

“Mitt Romney may think that improving economic security for the middle class, keeping jobs in America from being shipped overseas, and strengthening Medicare are ‘small things’, but that’s what President Obama is fighting for. Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it. He thinks the middle class should pay higher taxes so that the wealthiest Americans can pay less. He thinks we’ll just forget that two of the most prominent opponents of saving the auto industry were Mitt Romney and the Chinese government while at the same time he wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program. Ohioans know the truth, and that is why they will be supporting President Obama this November.”


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