Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (10/26)

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CLEVELAND — Friday was a significant day of reflection for Fox 8 News in the Morning anchor Stefani Schaefer.

It marked six months since her husband’s accident.

Since late April, Roger has been recovering from a traumatic brain injury he suffered when he fell off of scaffolding.

As weeks and months passed, Stefani has shared her and her family’s journey with the Fox 8 family and viewers, who have given support since the very beginning.

Stefani posted the following update on her Facebook fan page on Friday, where she said “God has the final say.”

Below is the post in its entirety:

“It was 6 months ago today that I was sitting at my desk in the Fox 8 newsroom and received that chilling phone call about Roger’s accident. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months. On one hand, it seems like a lifetime ago that our lives were torn apart… but on the other, it’s seems inconceivable that we’ve been at this for a HALF A YEAR. That number – 6 – has been ingrained in my mind since we star

ted this journey. Over the last 6 months, many doctors would mention how many traumatic brain injury patients gain most of their function back in the first 6 months. I always looked ahead – with anticipation and worry – to this date…. this “magical 6 month” mark. Sitting here tonight, I am heartbroken that Roger still has not regained any past memory and can not retain any new experiences or memory. I ache for him.. and pray that at least he starts to remember who he is…. what kind of a guy he was… and the experiences that shaped him over the course of his lifetime. Of course, I also pray that he starts to remember me and our children, his mother, his sister. Just last night, when we called to say “goodnight,” as we do every night.. I could tell on the phone he had no idea who I was. I was so down and sad. It just hurts so deeply. But I know I still need to take things day by day and continue to celebrate those “baby steps” forward… no matter how small or how great. Lately, a few doctors have told me to forget that magic “6 month” number…. that TBI takes time. A LOT of time. I’ve recently heard that cognitive function can take more like 18 to 24 months to return. So, I add to my list of prayers…. patience. A LOT of patience. This is going to be an even longer journey than I could have ever imagined on that long, agonizing and traumatic day of April 27, 2012. I also look back at how far Roger has come over these last 6 months… and celebrate that. I can only hope and pray that these next 6 months bring us more steps forward… as my dear friend Wayne Dawson has reminded me time and time again… God has the final say… not the medical books. Have a blessed, safe and enjoyable weekend.”
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