Armed Robbers Target Local Students

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AKRON, Ohio -- University of Akron police released photos of the two men suspected of holding up students at gunpoint near the campus.

Both incidents happened the same night:  Oct. 18.

A 911 call details the first attempted armed robbery on Spicer Street.

"My one friend pulled out and went. He came up to her car first. He came up to my other friend's car with a gun, pointed it at her," the panicked female caller said.

Many students are on edge.

"Insecure, scared, vulnerable," student Kelsie Vrable said.

"I have classes, like real late classes, around 9:30, 10 o'clock, so I am really concerned about that," student Dony Holden said.

"It's kind of freaky, since I live south of Exchange, and that's where a lot of it takes place," student Anna Davies said.

Police said the men first targeted sorority sisters about 9:30 p.m., as they pulled away from their sorority house.

The women drove off.

The two gunmen also struck about an hour later, on Exchange Street and Kling Street.

According to the police report, three female students were robbed at gunpoint of their purses, money, credit cards, jewelry and cell phones.

They were not injured.

"It's just really nerve-wracking because our dorm is on the outside of the campus," Megan Seifert said.

Many students are taking more safety precautions.

Mackenzie Vaclav carries mace and a whistle.

"I just got this last week, the whistle," Vaclav said, adding it was directly because of the armed robberies.

Anyone with information on the identities of the two robbers is urged to call the University of Akron Police Department at (330) 972-2911.

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