Does This Zumba Instructor Look 60 to You?

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By Anne Cutler

NEW ORLEANS (Anne Cutler / WGNO) — You may think her moves belong on the dance floor, but they’re actually the hot new way to stay in shape and Ivy Kushner has the calorie-burning Zumba program down pat! She shakes it like she’s in her 20’s, but believe it or not, Ivy’s about to turn 60! The registered nurse credits her rockin’ bod to her focus on exercise and health.

She says, “It’s a progression, once you start moving the next thing you want to do is maybe diet and eat better and have some regular exercise.” Ivy is passionate about both Zumba and healthcare and wants to spread the word. She volunteers her time at the Lambeth House retirement home, where she teaches a few seniors how to shake it down every week.

Ivy explains, “We have Bangra, Indian folk dancing, American folk dancing, they even do some Western. So it’s just the combination of the passion for dance and moving to music.” No matter what the age! The average at Lambeth house is 87 and Ivy says her classes can keep up! “We do some of the music in half time, some of it on the beat, but they’re very quick studies, my residents are wonderful. They love the music, they love to dance, they’re very thankful that I come and I love having them.”

They’re dancing their way to longevity and health and if Ivy is any proof, those Zumba moves seem to be working! 

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