Killer’s Claims of Being Too Fat to Die? Overruled

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A convicted killer’s last ditch effort to avoid execution has failed, at least for now.

Ronald Post said he is too overweight to be put to death by lethal injection, but scientific evidence, released by a warden at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, is disputing that claim.

The table was tested by Donald Morgan, who placed 12, 45-pound weights totaling 540 pounds on an execution table for two hours.

“The execution table held firmly and showed no signs of instability," said Morgan.

Morgan also had a correctional facility volunteer, who weighs 420 pounds, lay on the table for five minutes with no problems.

The state claims convicted killer Post weighs 396 pounds. His attorneys claim he weighs 480 pounds.

Michael Vantz spoke to FOX 8 last month and said he has little sympathy for his mother’s killer. Helen Vantz was shot in the head in 1983 while working at a motel in Elyria.

"It's very interesting," said Vantz. "We realize that this is a desperate, desperate attempt on the part of the murderer Ronald Post to even further delay his execution which was scheduled just last year. But he's been on death row since 1985."

Post's attorneys released a statement to FOX 8 which reads:

"With Romell Broom, Ohio's execution team experienced the stress of what it is like to try over and over to establish vein access and repeatedly fail, and if Ronald Post’s execution date stands, they will unfortunately get that experience tenfold. The 8th Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment applies to everyone, and there is nothing 'humane and dignified' about what will occur if Mr. Post's execution date goes forward as planned.

More importantly, Mr. Post deserves to have his life spared, but not just to avoid this torture. There were two other individuals involved in the crime who were never prosecuted even though they told police the robbery plan was not Post's, the idea to rob the Slumber Inn was not Post's, the murder weapon was not Post's, and it was not Post who had the murder weapon after the murder. The judges who sentenced Post to death based their decisions partially on reports that Post confessed to being the sole and actual killer, but there are transcripts of those conversations and witness interviews, and Post admits involvement but NOT to being the killer.

Ronald Post deserves relief from his death sentence because of numerous questionable legal issues in his case. If he is executed, he deserves the quick and painless execution promised by Ohio law.”

Post's attorneys will file a written response contesting the warden’s arguments.

As it stands now, Post is scheduled to be executed Jan. 16.

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