Truck Tumbles Five Stories into Ravine

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AKRON, Ohio — Faulty brakes are blamed for a wreck that sent a local man tumbling five stories over an embankment in his truck which eventually landed upside down in a heavily wooded ravine.

The accident happened just before 11 a.m. on  Wednesday night near an apartment complex on Dominion Drive.

Police say Elmer Brown, 59, was at the wheel of the Ford F-150 pickup truck which could not stop. Witnesses say he appeared to be backing the truck up in the parking lot at the time and then vanished over the edge of a deep ravine.

People who called 911 said they heard the crash from nearby apartments and could not immediately tell if anyone survived.

Brown, however, was apparently out of the truck by the time firefighters arrived. Witnesses were screaming at him from the top of the ravine to stay still, afraid that the truck could slide down the slippery embankment even farther.

The heavily wooded area, combined with the steep terrain, made access to the area difficult for rescuers. On Thursday the truck remained at the bottom of the ravine. Police say Brown’s insurance company was going to be responsible for removing it.

Brown was taken to a local hospital for observation, according to police. A family member on Thursday said he seemed to be doing well, although he was sore.

His grandmother, with whom he lives, told Fox 8 News that Brown had just made her dinner the night before and she was not aware that he even left the house.

She said she was aware that he had been having trouble with his brakes.

Police charged Brown with failure to control and driving with a suspended license.