Money Stolen from Candy Shop Returned

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MADISON, Ohio -- A candy shop in Madison that was robbed in June recently made a sweet discovery right at their front door.

Two weeks ago, thieves who robbed the Red Berry Candy Store on Hubbard Road this summer came back and left an envelope filled with $120.  That's the same amount that was taken from the candy store this summer. 

Candy Nichols is the owner of the candy shop and doesn't know where they money came from or who stole from her store. 

Police even came by the shop to dust for prints. 

"They had called the crime lab and the crime lab came out and they said we treat every crime the same whether it's big or small," said Nichols.

The money was discovered when Nichols' husband came by the shop before church and found the cash in an envelope.

"On the way to church he stopped here for a reason and found the envelope with the money in it, in the doorway plopped down on the floor," explained the store owner.

Some people who frequent the sweet shop can't believe someone would return the money.

"I think it's phenomenal that in this day and age with all the bad stuff you hear that someone would actually have a change of heart and wanna right their wrong," said  Mark Mahalik of Harpersfield.

Nichols said she has pardoned the thieves from the crime and plans on putting a Christmas tree in front of the candy shop this holiday with one ornament, on which it will read, "You are forgiven."

"I want them always to remember that they are forgiven, ya know, clean slate, don't worry about it.  It's done, it's over with," said Nichols.    
Nichols said even though the thieves have been forgiven, she doesn't expect them to come forward.