Man of Steel Snaps Legal Kryptonite

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CLEVELAND-- Relatives of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster have lost a court battle with Warner Brothers.

A judge ruled that Shuster's heirs signed away the rights to the character, in an agreement with DC Comics 20 years ago. That deal gave the Shusters an annual pension payment.

Shuster and Jerry Siegel created Superman in Cleveland, back in the 1930s.

Some say the creators made a mistake when they first sold the comic and the legal issues spiraled out from there.

Brad Ricca, a Siegel & Shuster Society member, told Fox 8, "When you turn the check over on the back, it says when you sign this check, you sign over all rights to the character in perpetuity. And you know, they get this check for $130, sign it and put it in the bank and that`s it. They don`t have any rights to the character. They still end up, you know, doing Superman for 10 years after that. But, you know, then, once they realize very quickly that it`s going to be a huge hit, they regret it almost immediately."

The ruling means DC Comics and Warner Brothers will retain all rights to continue using the character in books, films, television and other mediums; including a film reboot planned for next year.