Teen Survivor Confronts Shooter at Sentencing

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CLEVELAND -- Emotions ran high on Wednesday at the sentencing for the man who shot a 16-year-old boy on the city's west side last March.

Gregory Maddox, 20, pleaded guilty to shooting Robert Holsey three times with a shotgun on West 38th Street.

Holsey was walking home from Rhodes High School at the time.

One by one, family members gave impact statements on how the shooting changed their lives.

"I can't afford it, college for my son.  Now his chance of a football scholarship is lost. My son is my whole life. You tried to take my whole life away from me. Now I want this justice center to take your life!" cried Jacqueline Orozco, the victim's mother.

Holsey was a promising football player who was looking at colleges at the time.

"I tried to work hard to be Ohio's top recruit. Now I can't even move my left arm," cried Holsey.

While Holsey's family pleaded for justice, Maddox's friends pleaded for mercy.

"He has told me that he doesn't even remember committing the crime. What he needs is help," said one of his friends.

But in the end, Judge Daniel Gaul gave Maddox the maximum sentence, 17 years in prison.

"It felt great to know that he is going to be there until he's 38. I feel great with my life, I am moving on. While I'll be spending Thanksgiving with my family, he'll be in there," said Holsey.

Prosecutors say Maddox shot Holsey after Holsey got into an altercation with Maddox's brother.