Ohio Touts Early Voting Numbers

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(Courtesy: CNN)

By CNN Political Unit

(CNN) — More than 1.4 million Ohio voters have either cast or requested an absentee ballot for the November election, Ohio’s secretary of state Jon Husted announced Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the state had to keep open its voting booths in the final three days–Saturday, Sunday, Monday–before Election Day, rejecting Republican-led attempts to try and force all counties to close their polling locations that same weekend.

Democrats praised the decision, arguing the original law would have disproportionately affected Democratic voters. Republicans had maintained the state needed those final three days to organize and prepare for Election Day.

Voters in Ohio began casting ballots on October 2–or on September 22 for those in the military–as part of its early voting calendar.

Of those who have requested absentee ballots to vote by mail, roughly 22% have cast their ballot, including about 16% of military service members who have asked for ballots.

Meanwhile, about 124,000 Ohioans have cast an absentee ballot in person at the board of elections or a designated early vote center, Husted’s office said.

His office also points out that the 7.9 million registered voters in Ohio have 264 total hours available for in-person voting before Election Day, including the final weekend.

CNN’s Ashley Killough and Miguel Marquez contributed to this report.