October 17, 2012

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Hollywood and Dine

Christopher Walken is serious about chicken! David flew to L.A. to sit down with the stars of the new film, “Seven Psychopaths.” So today, he made us Christopher’s “seriously” delicious chicken marsala and roasted brussel sprouts! Need David’s guidance to make your own? Just watch our video clip!

Check out the recipe here!


The Dating Doctor

The doctor was in! David Coleman sat down with Kristi to discuss a touchy subject: How to know when your significant other is cheating on you.
Here’s some red flags:
  • They’re suddenly more aloof, withdrawn or want more “space.”
    Overall, you’re noticing less intimacy, sharing, talking and self-disclosures going on. Your partner may seem zoned out, lost in thought or less available to you.
  • They’ve lost interest in you, your problems and sex. When you bring up a problem, your partner tells you it’s no big deal or tells you that their problems are worse. They’re not as emotionally supportive.
  • They get easily annoyed, defensive or argumentative. When an affair (be it cyber, emotional or physical) has begun, the cheater may want to sugar-coat their guilt and justify the affair.
  • They’re spending more time online or on their cell phone than with you.
  • They’re acting secretive all of a sudden, especially around the computer or cell phone. Your partner has Facebook, email and social media accounts that you don’t have access to. When you ask about their online friendships, you get short, sharp, evasive or defensive responses back.
  • They look, smell, and dress better, but not necessarily around you. They’ve suddenly started working out.
Food Allergy Alternatives

If you have a dairy, wheat, peanut butter, or eggs allergy, does that mean you have to miss out on your favorite foods? Absolutely not! Medeana Hobar from Nature’s Bin brought us some delicious alternatives to the most common food allergies. Check out our web video for more information.

  • Dairy Allergy? Try coconut milk, soy, rice milk, or even oat milk! There are also great non-dairy ice creams, cheeses, butter and yogurt.
  • Peanut Butter Allergy? Try sunflower butter!








Mindy Bartnicki from Arby’s stopped by to introduce their newest creation! The Grand Turkey Club! Arby’s premium oven-roasted turkey breast is lightly marinated for flavor and juiciness and is freshly sliced in the restaurant daily.

Try their hot sliced roast turkey topped with melted Swiss cheese, pepper bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a toasted harvest wheat bun.







Mapleside Farms is a 100-acre fully functioning apple orchard located in Brunswick, OH. Mapleside Farms has long been a destination for families and friends to get together to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal, fresh homegrown produce, piping hot home baked pies and an amazing view of the Northeast Ohio countryside.

Brand new to Mapleside Farms this fall is Pumpkin Village, promising the most fun-filled fall season to be found anywhere in the country. Check out the 7-acre corn maze, take a walk through our 85-variety Pumpkin Patch, ride The Moo-Lar Express, take a hayride through the orchard, and watch the kids enjoy over a dozen interactive games and amusements at the Jump Park complete with Ohio’s first 70-foot Jumping Pillow!





Planning for College

Preparing and planning for college can be a stressful process. Here to help us navigate through the steps was Dr. Michele Scott Taylor from College Now Greater Cleveland.
In October, students should:
  • Be working on college applications – asking teachers, coaches, counselors, etc., for recommendations and writing their essays.
  • The Common Application allows students to apply to many schools at once – more than 400 schools across the country accept the Common Application.
  • Students should strive to have as many applications completed by Thanksgiving as possible.


In December, students should:

  • Follow-up with admissions offices to ensure they have received all of the students’ application materials.
  • Apply for a FAFSA Pin and begin to gather the necessary paperwork for the FAFSA


Beginning January 1, students should:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (the FAFSA).  The FAFSA is the basis for receiving ANY type of financial aid.
  • Financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA by the priority deadline of February 15.


For more information, head to www.collegenowgc.org or call (216) 241-5587!





Levin Furniture

If you’re looking for new furniture, Levin has an option that is not only beautiful, but is built to last! We headed to “America’s Seating Specialist” for more information. Check out one of their seven locations throughout Northeast Ohio.





Monster Mutt Dash

We celebrated “howl-o-ween” in studio today with a dog fashion show! Berea Animal Rescue brought in some adorable pups for adoption, all dressed up for halloween. Visit the Monster Mutt Dash, Saturday, October 20th for a 5k, 1 mile walk with a “howl-o-ween” party after! All proceeds go to the Berea Animal Rescue. Check out our video clip and the wonderful dogs that are currently up for adoption.

Visit www.bereaanimalrescue.com for more information.
Weltman, Weinberg & Reis was in studio today with some great career opportunities!